Mathias Emil Pedersen

10 mar 2021 15:45

Start early in the greenhouse this year

The sunlight is returning

The day has soon increased several minutes, and the restless, green fingers tingle to go out digging in the ground and getting started sowing and planting. However, it is still too early to start with seeds and other cultivation in the greenhouse, unless you start winter cultivation of e.g. Asian leafy vegetables, spinach and rocket that can actually thrive in the cold winter greenhouse. I would like to sow some of them myself.


Start early in the greenhouse

While we wait for the real, warm spring in the garden, it is both cosy and good for the garden soul to cheat spring extra early in the greenhouse. I have been planting bulbs in pots, there are Lenten roses and even a bouquet of tulips that last a very long time in the cool greenhouse. Soon I will go for a walk in a forest to pick branches to grow cherry plums, quince and cherries.


Summer dreams

This year, the greenhouse should be full of sweet, meaty and aromatic tomatoes in all sorts of different shapes and colours. I love tomatoes and most of all in the company of basil which I also want in pots and jars. This year should be the year where we try many new varieties with flavours from around the world and for all occasions. This year I will also try aubergine which I love but I have heard is a bit difficult. It is a plant that really requires water, warmth, lots of nourishment and maybe even a little true love to thrive.